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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Jul 6, 2012 4:25am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: List of episodes of "The Goldbergs" on the Internet Archive, uploaded by various people (revised for second time)

"The Goldbergs" was a long-running radio and television series about a lower-middle-class family living in the Bronx. In the final season of the TV version, they moved to the suburbs, just like many people were doing at the time.


(the TV version was faced with problems. CBS dropped the series after one of the cast members was blacklisted. NBC dropped the series as they were unhappy with the lack of big sponsors and the ratings. The DuMont version got 10 million viewers and was one of the most popular shows on the dying network, but was dropped after six months by the devoid-of-money network as they began slowly shutting down operations. The syndicated version failed due to major changes made to the format of the series. In real life, many were moving out of the cities and into the suburbs. It made sense on paper for the Goldberg family to do the same, but in practice this robbed the show of its charm)

NBC version:

DuMont version:

Plus these two episodes, which I haven't yet requested to have moved (this will be requested at a later date, perhaps once at least 3 more episodes have been uploaded)

Final syndicated version:

Gertrude Berg played her "Molly" character in this episode of "Texaco Star Theater"

Further episodes of the DuMont version will be uploaded during the next few days. Gertrude Berg (who created, wrote, and starred in the show) also appeared as a guest on other popular series, even "The Perry Como Show". Does anyone have copies of these?


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